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Celebrus CDP launches 1st Party Identity Graph and Profile Builder

D4t4 Solutions Plc (“the Group" or "D4t4"), the AIM-listed data solutions provider, has launched ground-breaking new features for its Celebrus CDP, which delivers unrivaled identity capabilities to the marketplace. It is the world’s only 1st party real-time Identity Graph as well as a Profile Builder, which furthers the “collect once, use many” mantra of the Celebrus CDP and enables the efficient activation of customer data in downstream applications. Both features have been designed specifically to overcome immediate and inhibiting identity issues, enabling enterprises to create the highly relevant and timely ‘moments’ that their consumers have come to expect, while also powering advanced data science and analytic use cases.

Identity is the crucial currency for building customer experiences in today’s world. Challenges to third-party solutions as a result of the impacts of privacy measures such as Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), browser restrictions, and privacy legislation such as GDPR and CPRA, have rendered most platforms incapable of managing Identity in any meaningful way.

In an era where customers demand personalized experiences, having a subpar solution for digital identity totally inhibits the ability for an organization to deliver upon that demand. Celebrus CDP is a true first-party enterprise scale solution embedded in an organization’s digital infrastructure and is completely unimpacted by the aforementioned industry challenges. With the addition of both the 1st party Identity Graph and Profile Builder, the Celebrus CDP has once again set the highest bar for the industry with regards to Identity, compliance, and instant activation of data.

Built upon its unique ability to capture all digital channel interactions for enterprises around the globe, Celebrus CDP can instantly and automatically leverage a range of identifiers to build a complete view of customer identity and the profiles for each, as they move from anonymous to known across the range of digital touch points all backed by an out of the box, fully extensible data model that eliminates 60-70% of typical digital data management costs in an organization.

No other solution in the industry can overcome the challenges of identity, compliance and activation to deliver genuine, individual-level data. The addition of both the Identity Graph and Profile Builder enables organizations to be best positioned to provide their consumers with the predictive, personalized experience they now expect.

Peter Kear, CEO of D4t4 Solutions commented:

“The launch of the Identity Graph and Profile Builder in Celebrus CDP is significant, as the incorporation of the market’s leading identity graph enables our clients to build a complete view of their consumers, across channel, device and over time, whether they are anonymous or known. This is an industry first.”

“As the world increasingly embraces digital devices and channels, it has never been more necessary for companies to identify their customers at every single point in a journey to provide personal experiences. This launch reflects our focus on putting identity front and center of Celebrus CDP’s core value proposition.”