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Bill Bruno

Chief Executive Officer

Joined Celebrus in 2018 and became CEO in October 2021. He has decades of experience in data and analytics sectors with a passion for fostering a culture of innovation to drive transformational change. Prior to Celebrus Technologies, Bill served as CEO for an AIM-listed company that successfully acquired his consulting business. 

Topics: leadership, innovation, data, analytics, CX, Fraud, IoT, cloud

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Ant Phillips CTO

Ant Phillips

Chief Technology Officer

Helps some of the world’s leading businesses effectively collect, manage, and use their data. His background spans over 30 years of leading teams to build world-class products at both startup and enterprise organizations including several global technology giants.  

Topics: innovation, leadership, data, analytics, CX, cloud, machine learning

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Tiffany Staples VP Marketing

Tiffany Staples

Vice President of Marketing

Is a recognized marketing leader who drives brand innovation. Tiffany has extensive experience in B2B and B2C global marketing strategy, digital advertising, experiential marketing, and public relations. She has previously served as Chief Marketing Officer of a SaaS technology provider. 

Topics: Marketing, B2B, B2C

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Photo: Serpil Hall

Serpil Hall

Head of Financial Crime and Fraud

Is a fraud prevention expert who helps large organizations strategize how to use data to fight digital fraud. She has held fraud roles with billion-dollar, globally recognized brands.  Serpil has earned industry accolades including 2022 Cyber Security Woman of the Year in the Cyber Security Excellence Awards.

Topics: financial crime, fraud prevention, fraud detection, behavioral biometrics

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Tony Brown

Tony Brown

Head of Product Management & Business Development

Ensures Celebrus clients get value from the technology they invest in, through better customer experiences, stronger revenue growth, and lowering operational costs. He has held senior roles at multi-billion-dollar companies. In 2018 he co-founded a data and analytics start-up, Prickly Cactus, which was acquired by Celebrus Technologies in 2021.

Topics: Data Success Stories, Use Cases, Industry Challenges

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Tony Bennett CSO

Tony Bennett

Chief Security Officer

Is charged with protecting all company assets. He has developed, managed, maintained, and improved cyber security defense systems for multiple companies, working to protect company information that can become vulnerable through phishing attacks and sensitive client data, such as PII.

Topics: Cyber security

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Maigari Jinkiri

Vice President of Business Development

Joined Celebrus in 2024. Prior to joining Celebrus, Maigari worked in the digital analytics space leading digital data collection and analytics strategy for Fortune 500 companies. He also co-founded a digital data quality start-up focused on selling to enterprise customers (e.g. Zoom, IHG). He lives in Austin, Texas.

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