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Celebrus Offers Fraud Prevention Solution at CeFPro Summit

Celebrus’ Head of Financial Crime and Fraud, Serpil Hall will participate as a panelist at the Center for Financial Professionals (CeFPro) Fraud and Financial Crime Europe Summit on September 20, 2022. Serpil is a respected industry leader who was also named Cyber Security Woman of the Year for her dedication and knowledge in the field. Her personal goal is to help organizations end fraud, which in turn helps millions of individuals who in many cases have had their life savings stolen right out of their accounts. 

“Covid-19 forced a digital shift that will continue. This opened a huge opportunity for all kinds of fraudsters and allowed them to use social engineering techniques. These tactics, by which fraudsters use to trick people into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive information, preyed on fears and uncertainties about the pandemic as opportunities to defraud individuals,” said Serpil Hall. 

By visiting Celebrus at the Summit you can learn how the Celebrus Fraud Data Platform (FDP) uses data to identify and prevent fraud while staying compliant with existing legislation and regulations. Celebrus FDP layers behavioral biometrics with comprehensive data to determine fraud to prevent false positives and increase success rates. Celebrus FDP’s recent enhancement to its behavioral biometrics functionality, mouse paths, increases the difficulty for fraudsters to go unnoticed. 

“Most fraud tools tend to rely on device, IP and network-related signals which can’t adequately address challenges and detect scams, especially scenarios where a fraudster convinces a genuine customer to initiate a payment,” said Hall. “For those fraud prevention tools and systems, there is no concern as to if the transaction was initiated by the customer/victim. The addition of real-time, tag-free, behavioral biometric data into existing fraud prevention systems leads to the prevention and detection of scams before they take place.” 

 CeFPro is on September 20 and 21 at One America Square in London. Reserve your meeting with a Celebrus representative and learn how Celebrus prevents fraud before it occurs.