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Celebrus Launches Customer Experience and Productivity Innovations

Today, D4t4 Solutions plc announces additional features to create improved usability to its Celebrus product suite completing the latest product upgrade.  

“Our goal with each release is to solve for client needs and continue to differentiate from the rest of our competition. A lack of good data is a real problem in the industry today for brands. With Celebrus, brands will never have that issue again. These releases further that promise,” said Bill Bruno, CEO. 

An upgrade to Celebrus Fraud Data Platform (FDP) behavioral biometrics dataset includes the mouse paths feature, which increases the opportunity to identify fraud before it happens. Mouse paths captures the variance between a straight line and the mouse points in real-time, compiling a valuable amount of information, which is translated into usable, in-the-moment insights. Mouse behaviors are a key part of a visitor’s biometric profile. They can be used to detect abnormal behavior in a user and indicate fraudulent activity when combined with other features. The insight mouse path data provides about a customer and their experience takes the concept of Know Your Customer (KYC) to a new level. Detection of the emotional state of a visitor, such as frustration or confusion during website or app usage, can indicate markers of fraud.  

Celebrus continues to update its offerings by furthering its cloud capabilities across both Celebrus Customer Data Platform (CDP) and FDP to support any cloud a brand prefers. The latest cloud connector is Google Big Query. In a world where organizations are struggling with the adoption of GA4, Celebrus can power Big Query with a much better data set.  

The addition of the data science pipeline feature will cut down on hours of work that data analytics spend modeling and wrangling the lesser data from Google Analytics.  

Earlier this quarter, Celebrus rolled out two new functions: Cross-Domain Continuance and CX Vault. Celebrus’ patented Cross-Domain Continuance allows brands to maintain the continuity of a session from one owned domain to the next while still being able to stitch the identity together in a compliant manner. Celebrus CX Vault is a patent-protected new feature that truly delivers a cookieless solution by creating a no-party data relationship between the brand and a consumer who elected to opt-out. This ensures a brand's ability in a compliant manner to use machine learning to create better experiences.