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Celebrus Solves Gap in Connecting Data Across Domains

Celebrus today announces the launch of Celebrus 9.6, an upgrade to the robust technology suite, including patented technology, first-party, cross-domain continuance. Celebrus cross-domain continuance maintains unified session data and context, including identity, as a visitor navigates between domains owned by the same parent company. Celebrus is the only product on the market with the capability to solve the gap in data.  

 “It has never been more important and more difficult to maintain a single customer view across your digital presence in a compliant manner. Other vendors will claim they can provide value here, but they are not being honest with their customers. Celebrus has delivered on a promise in the market that no one else can.” said CEO Bill Bruno. “The innovative technology our team is putting out is a game-changer. Solving for cross-domain data continuance while staying fully compliant will help many industries overcome the challenge of creating a complete customer profile and understanding their intent.” 

Businesses operate their products under several domain names, but they don’t have a way to connect customer information. This solution spans every industry digital data serves. Celebrus clients in banking and finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, and travel industries will benefit from this innovation. A parent company may offer auto loans, mortgages, savings accounts, or investment options under different domains, and now there is a way to connect a single user’s identity and actions across all of those while staying compliant with their data. 

“We knew there was a huge gap for many data users with third-party cookie deprecation, and we set out to create a solution - something that had not yet been done. I am incredibly proud of the Celebrus technical team’s dedication to innovating a workable solution for businesses,” said CTO Ant Phillips. 

This solution completes the Celebrus Identity Graph, a robust feature of Celebrus Customer Data Platform (Celebrus CDP) and Fraud Data Platform (Celebrus FDP) that persists individual identity to capture journey data, from personal information (PII) to engagement across multiple sessions, platforms and now, across domains. 

Celebrus product releases include updates in four key areas: advancements in design and user experience, globally compliant security, systems activations and applications, and enhanced data insights and outcomes.