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D4T4 Solutions Launches Innovative Fraud Data Platform Updates

New features include sense and trace, tamper-proof capabilities for enhanced fraud detection.

D4t4 Solutions Plc (AIM: D4t4), a leading innovator in customer data, management, and analytics, announced it has launched the latest version of its behavioral biometrics Celebrus Fraud Data Platform (FDP) with tamper-proof geolocation, enhanced scam prevention, and time series anomaly detection technology.

During International Fraud Awareness Week, observed globally from November 14–20, D4t4 Solutions is determined to inform consumers of the increasing risks of fraud and how updates to its platform can help organizations better prepare and prevent it. With the evolution of technology, fraud happens faster than ever before, and organizations need better data to stop these attempts and deliver the positive customer experience consumers expect.

In fact, research by Juniper predicts that fraud losses will reach $206 billion by 2025. The research also found that spending on fraud detection and prevention platform services will exceed $11.8 billion (€9.93 billion) globally in 2025, from $9.3 billion (€7.83 billion) in 2021.

"In honor of National Fraud Awareness Week, we thought it was important to notify the market about key updates to Celebrus FDP that build upon our mission to catch the fraudster before the fraud," said Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions. "The increased threats of fraud to industries like banking, retailers and entertainment combined with the evolution of digital commerce has made it important now more than ever for businesses to protect their consumers and detect anomalous activity in real-time."

The updates to Celebrus FDP are designed to ensure banks, insurance companies, retailers, and other organizations protect their consumers while also aiming to provide a positive experience. The platform was first released in June and has since been updated with advanced features to seamlessly prevent scams, given the proliferation of this type of fraud around the globe.

Dynamic new features include:

  • Sense and Trace: This capability allows organizations to better follow the activity of mule accounts used by fraudsters often used to steal victims' money. With Sense and Trace, Celebrus FDP captures granular data and profile digital activity in real-time to discover compromised identities. There are two components to Sense and Trace that ultimately ensure more fraud is detected in a timely manner:
    • Identity search - traces from compromised identities to their mule accounts and onwards to find other compromised identities.
    • Trip wire - sets an alarm on known mule accounts for when they are next used (for example, adding the mule account as a payee)
  • Tamper-proof Geolocation: Organizations can detect if users are attempting to hide identity and react fast.
  • Time Series Anomaly Detection: This capability uses machine learning and data orchestration to better identify issues across your digital channels. Leverage acceptable ranges and outcomes to alert the business to anomalies. Features include:
    • Detect elevated levels of fraud attempts that may reveal Distributed Denial of Service attacks or vulnerabilities and faults within your digital infrastructure
    • Identify outliers in data in an automated way
    • Fully customize anomaly detection or use baseline models to instantly deploy
    • Link to other models across your organization for a holistic approach

Celebrus FDP is installed in your own controlled environment and easily integrates with your chosen Fraud Management Systems. The platform is deployed with an extensible data model and scorecards rather than a traditional black box approach to ensure you not only prevent fraud but also stay out in front of emerging threats around the globe.