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European Online Retailer Reduces Checkout Drop off by 48 Percent Using Online Visitor Behavior to Predict Exit Intent in Live-Time

Constantly looking for ways to increase conversion, World Wide Lighting, a leading European online retailer specializing in lighting products, was able to identify potential abandoners and deliver tailored, personalized messaging powered by Celebrus and OnMarc’s MarcSense Retain machine learning algorithms. 

With this innovative real-time approach to predicting exit intent, World Wide Lighting experienced a 48% reduction in checkout drop-off. Incorporating live-time data from Celebrus allowed the models to detect exit intent early, at a minimum 10 times faster than the actual exit, giving the team sufficient time to engage and retain customers before they abandon.

“Since 2022, World Wide Lighting has used Celebrus data to power MarcSense Retain and gain valuable insight into customer behavior. We are thrilled with the results seen so far and look forward to continuing to help maximize the efficiency of customer marketing efforts by leveraging live-time, comprehensive data,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of Celebrus.


“With the challenge of the exiting visitor in our minds, we set out to unlock the potential of user’s movement data as well,” said Kevin van Kalkeren, Manager Product Management & Data Science at OnMarc.

“OnMarc and Celebrus help us by revealing the true needs of our customers in a unique way. This allows us to communicate much more proactively and allows us to become more relevant and proactive in our communication. This cooperation is therefore very valuable, both operationally and strategically,” said Martijn Brouns, Marketing Manager at World Wide Lighting.


For full details and insights, visit the case study.


About Celebrus    

As a disruptive data technology platform, Celebrus is focused on improving the relationships between brands and consumers via better data. Celebrus redefines what digital identity verification means to power both next-level marketing and fraud prevention use cases. Deployed across 30+ countries throughout the financial services, healthcare, retail, travel, and telecommunications sectors, Celebrus automatically captures, contextualizes, and activates consumer behavioral data in live-time across all digital channels. Through the addition of behavioral biometrics and AI, Celebrus empowers brands to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs. To ensure that brands can begin to improve those relationships quickly, Celebrus Cloud activates the Celebrus platform efficiently for brands in a single-tenant, private cloud capacity.

About World Wide Lighting

World Wide Lighting is a leading and rapidly growing European specialist in lighting products. Our product range goes from conventional bulbs, to future ready, LED lighting solutions and complete fixtures. Our extensive range and high quality products support each and every business to find their ideal lighting solution.