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Celebrus for Fraud Wins Gold 3X in Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Celebrus for Fraud is a three-time gold winner in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Celebrus for Fraud was ranked highest out of hundreds of entries in three categories for its ability to not only detect fraud but prevent it. 

Winning categories: 

Best Fraud Prevention Platform Celebrus 

Best Cybersecurity Company- Europe 

Fraud Data Platform for Financial Institutions 

“The team takes great pride in the software we have created to protect consumers and brands from digital fraud, and we are humbled by this recognition for our platform as we continue on this journey to catch the fraudster before the fraud occurs,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of Celebrus. 

Celebrus uses patented technology to prevent fraudulent transactions.  Celebrus for Fraud can be applied to any industry to prevent fraud behind the scenes to allow a positive customer experience.  Celebrus for Fraud uses 13 behavioral biometric indicators that are compared against a users normal behavior to detect anomalies as a user is interacting with an application or website. Together those indicators allow a brand to set and deploy a Trip Wire that stops fraudulent transactions from occurring.