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Celebrus Offers Fraud Prevention and CX Solution at CBA Live 2023

Celebrus is set to showcase its award-winning, customer experience and fraud prevention technologies at CBA Live. Celebrus live-time capabilities power analytics to build complete identity profiles and authenticate users. 


“Whether you care about building positive customer experiences, or preventing Fraud before it happens, Celebrus solves for the largest digital data gaps in the industry today,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of Celebrus. 

Expectations in digital retail banking are changing quickly, as a new generation of customers want information instantly from the palm of their hand. Consumers have more flexibility and options than ever in banking, and their needs are changing. Celebrus holds the key to connecting consumer data across digital interactions. Properly identifying and understanding the customer journey with your financial institution can make the difference in retaining a loyal customer or losing to another brand. 

By visiting Celebrus at CBA Live, Booth #15, you can learn how Celebrus uses data to identify and prevent fraud while staying compliant with existing legislation and regulations. Celebrus layers behavioral biometrics with comprehensive data to determine fraud to prevent false positives and increase success rates. Celebrus’ recent enhancement to its behavioral biometrics functionality, mouse paths, increases the difficulty for fraudsters to go unnoticed. 

Meet the Celebrus Team at CBA Live 2023 on March 27 – 29, Booth #15, at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.