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Celebrus Wins Two Awards for Innovation and Best Team

Celebrus announced it was awarded in two categories at the UK Business and Innovation Awards 2023, recognizing the dedication of the Celebrus team which continues to deliver market-changing innovations. 

Winning categories: 

Celebrus Team of the Year- Bronze 

Celebrus Best Innovation B2B- Silver 

We brought Celebrus to the market to make lives easier for both consumers and brands alike. Through the team’s innovation, we continue to provide better data in a compliant manner to solve some of the most difficult challenges in digital today,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of Celebrus.

Celebrus released several innovative updates to its live-time data solutions contributing to the designation of accolades Best Innovation B2B and Team of the Year. These patented, proprietary innovations, include Cross-Domain Continuance, a solution that solves the data gap between multiple brand-owned websites, and CX Vault, the first no-party data solution that provides relevancy capabilities for opted-out and private browsing sessions. Celebrus regularly releases product updates that are game-changing for its customers. 

The Celebrus team is comprised of some of the brightest innovators in the business across all departments, including those who support our technology. The Team of the Year award is a testament to the team’s dedication and talent.