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Thought Leadership

Overwhelmed By Digital Data Management? Here’s How Retailers Can Build Better Experiences For Consumers

Bill Bruno, MarTech Zone, July 15, 2024

Bill discusses what retailers can do to build better experiences for their customers in MarTech Zone.

Personalization, Patient Centricity, and Cost Savings with Celebrus

Maigari Jinkiri, Healthcare IT Today, July 10, 2024

Maigari offers insights on how to develop interventions in a cost-effective manner that personalize the experience in a patient centric manner.

Three Things Holding Back Your Data Activation Vision

Bill Bruno, Forbes, June 6, 2024

The data problem is complex, but the time is now to rethink how you capture and contextualize data in your digital channels, explains Bill Bruno in Forbes.

The Top 10 Reasons CDP Projects Fail and How to Overcome Them

Bill Bruno, MarTech Series, May 14, 2024

Bill Bruno outlines the top 10 reasons CDP projects fail and actionable tips on how to overcome them in MarTech Series.

You Don’t Have to Replace Your CDP System – You Have to Fill the Gaps

Tiffany Staples, Martech Zone, May 3, 2024

In Martech Zone, Tiffany explores the gaps organizations face when it comes to their CDP systems.

Interview With Serpil Hall - Head of Fraud Prevention at Celebrus

Serpil Hall, Safety Detectives, April 25, 2024

Serpil discusses her role at Celebrus, how Celebrus approaches fraud prevention, challenges facing the data analytics industry and more in a Q&A with Safety Detectives.

Decoding CDP Vendor Claims: What You Need to Know

Bill Bruno, Martech Zone, April 22, 2024

In Martech Zone, Bill pens what you need to know about CDP vendors and why CDP projects often fall short.

How Better Data and Behavioral Biometrics Can Help Credit Unions Solve for Fraud

Serpil Hall, CULytics, April 15, 2024

Serpil says that as fraud schemes continue to evolve in sophistication and scale, credit unions must remain vigilant and proactive in their approach to fraud prevention.

How Celebrus Enables 'The Lifeblood of a Business': Accurate Digital Reporting

Maigari Jinkiri, Total Retail, March 7, 2024

Total Retail interviews Maigari Jinkiri of Celebrus to discuss Celebrus Digital Analytics (CDA), challenges for retailers and more.

The Digital Front Door in Healthcare Doesn’t Work Without Data from Across Systems

Bill Bruno, Healthcare IT Today, February 20, 2024

Bill Bruno discusses the digital front door in healthcare and how adopting solutions like Celebrus can help organizations focus less on data capture and more on enhancing patient experiences to achieve better outcomes.

Celebrus Digital Analytics with Bill Bruno

Bill Bruno, TechStrong TV, February 1, 2024

Bill Bruno talks about the latest version of the Celebrus Platform, which now includes several new capabilities, including Celebrus Digital Analytics (CDA), a fully- enclosed solution for web analytics.

Merchant Fraud Journal 2024 Fraud Trends Report

Serpil Hall, Merchant Fraud Journal, January 2024

Serpil takes a look at trends and issues impacting the world of fraud in 2024.

Challenges and solutions defining the 2024 marketing landscape

Ant Phillips, VentureBeat, November 16, 2023

Ant highlights the major privacy and data challenges looming over the marketing world.

The FTC Warns Tax Preparation Companies Of Misusing Data: Is Your Organization At Risk?

Bill Bruno, Forbes, October 27, 2023

Bill explains that it's not too late for tax preparation companies to ensure their digital data is compliant.

Reducing CX Friction and Enhancing Fraud Protection With Behavioural Biometrics and Analysis

Serpil Hall, FinTech Times, October 18, 2023

Serpil writes that the best approach to keeping fraudsters at bay is a multi-layered fraud defense solution that combines traditional identity verification methods with advanced fraud detection.

Celebrus: businesses must ensure digital data is compliant

Bill Bruno, Healthcare Digital Magazine, October 2, 2023

Bill says it's imperative for healthcare providers to ensure their digital data is on point.

As AI-enabled fraudster bots wreak havoc, security teams turn to AI data defense strategies

Ant Phillips, VentureBeat, September 26, 2023

Ant explores how to combat bad bots and the technology that powers data-based fraud detection.

How Marketers Can Use Identity Graphs to Understand Their Customers Better

Tiffany Staples, MarketingProfs, September 8, 2023

Tiffany explains that to close identity gaps, marketers should focus on capturing a comprehensive data set that spans multiple touchpoints, allowing for detailed customer insight.

The True Cost Of Bad Data And How It Can Hinder The Benefits Of AI

Bill Bruno, Forbes, September 1, 2023

Bill writes that bad data leads to poor AI results and biases. As AI becomes more sophisticated, it is imperative for organizations to develop standards for ethics within AI

Fraudulent Bots: What Businesses Need to Know About Bot Detection

Ant Phillips, Newsweek, August 30, 2023

Ant explains how organizations can continue to overcome increasingly smarter and more sophisticated bots.

It’s Easy To Market To The People You Know: The True Value Of Uncovering The Anonymous User

Tiffany Staples, Forbes, August 30, 2023

Tiffany explains how to solve for the anonymous puzzle. When you begin to solve for anonymous identity, the missing link in your marketing strategy becomes complete.

My Career in Data Episode 36: Bill Bruno, CEO, Celebrus

Bill Bruno, Dataversity, June 14, 2023

Bill discusses his early decision to pursue a career in data and his passion for ethical AI.

How First-Party Data Can Help Segment Audiences Effectively

Tiffany Staples, Forbes, June 13, 2023

Driving conversions—no matter what industry you’re in—always ties back to personalization and how to understand your customer.

The science of behavioral analytics: Will the consumer revolt?

Bill Bruno, Merchant Fraud Journal, May 31, 2023

Bill discusses if we’ve hit the point where consumers will start to push back against ever more data points, and shares stories of how fraudsters not only target your consumer goods, but your entire home.

The Internet Of Things (IoT) And Compliance: What Marketers Need To Know

Tiffany Staples, Healthcare Business Today, May 25, 2023

How HIPAA regulations apply to healthcare marketing with connected devices and what steps organizations can take to ensure HIPAA compliance in all marketing efforts.

Healthcare Marketing and Compliance: What Marketers Need to Know

Tiffany Staples, MarTech Series, May 11, 2023

Considerations for marketers when maintaining compliance in healthcare marketing.

Celebrus and Consumer Data Privacy – Bill Bruno, D4t4 Solutions Plc

Bill Bruno, Techstrong TV, May, 8, 2023

Bill discusses the importance of clear opt-ins and outs for consumers, how companies are now gathering consumer information in the wake of the fall of third-party data, and the significance of no-party data as a new innovation in the data world.

Marketing To Different Data Personas

Bill Bruno, Forbes, Apr 6, 2023

Marketers should come up with solutions for each data persona because all of them, regardless of how they feel about data sharing and privacy, still expect to have a good digital experience

Emerging Fraud in a Recessionary Environment

Serpil Hall, Tech Bullion, Mar 8, 2023

Recessionary fraud looks different than fraud in a healthy economy because it creates motivation to commit fraud. In addition to the already common career fraudster, financial institutions need to be aware of opportunists and internal fraud.

Omnichannel Marketing: A Tale of Two Perspectives

Bill Bruno, Martech Zone, Feb 26, 2023

The line between digital and physical is blurred – consumers go into a store and log into their customer accounts simultaneously to redeem discounts, make returns, or look up previous orders. A consumer doesn’t care that these are different channels, and thus the challenge for brands is ensuring that it is all connected and delivering a positive experience.

How to Make Data Privacy and Compliance a Priority

Bill Bruno, FCEE, Feb 20, 2023

Organizations need to make data privacy compliance part of their digital strategy across all the markets they serve. Without compliance, they risk eroding customer trust, losing customers to competitors, and incurring stiff penalties.

Merchant Fraud Journal 2023 Fraud Trends Report

Serpil Hall, Merchant Fraud Journal, Feb. 7, 2023

Head of Fraud Serpil Hall is one of 16 experts worldwide selected to write about what type of fraud is trending in 2023 and how to prevent it in the Merchant Fraud Journal 2023 Fraud Trends Report.

Three Steps For Developing A Data Integrity Audit And Framework

Bill Bruno, Forbes, Jan. 24, 2023

Businesses need comprehensive data strategies to stay ahead, but many organizations have not done enough to create a strategy that can scale to solve current use cases while ensuring they can adapt quickly to new challenges and opportunities.

Connecting Data in Brand Groups

Ant Phillips, Internet Retailing, Jan. 16, 2023

All retail brands identify a target consumer group: a female 34-54 with a six-figure income; a busy couple with two school-aged children that eat well and enjoy prepared meals; or a male discount shopper over the age of 50.

B2B v B2C Marketing

Tiffany Staples, CMS Wire, Nov. 16, 2022

As marketers, we segment our careers and capabilities based on the subset of individuals or organizations we market to — business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). You're either one or the other; however, it doesn't have to be that way.

IP Addresses- the Next Big Privacy Concern

Bill Bruno, Forbes, Nov. 16, 2022

With the invention of the internet years ago, new ways to market to consumers quickly arose—and companies seized the opportunity. Marketers used different means to track interactions to determine when and how to reach consumers with the right messaging, which meant they were no longer throwing darts in the dark.

Contextual Relevance in Customer Experience

Bill Bruno, Forbes, Oct. 21, 2022

The targeted advertising world has lost quite a bit of data after the wave of restrictions on data sharing and tracking came crashing down. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) suggests that more than half of all ad signals have already been lost.

How to Motivate Your Team to Innovate

Ant Phillips, Newsweek, Oct. 10, 2022

There are three important ingredients to this: willingness to experiment, measuring progress and carving out time for your team.

Closing Data Gaps Across Different Domains in Financial Services

Tony Brown, Martech Zone, Oct. 5, 2022

Targeted advertising and marketing in financial services generates a huge payoff… can be exponentially increased by six to seven times through personalized messages offered in real-time through contextualized data.

How to Build a Marketing Ops Team

Tiffany Staples, CMSWire, Sept. 15, 2022

Building a successful team doesn’t have to be a headache. Follow this game plan to assemble a team that meets — and exceeds — your goals.

Data Types and What They Mean to Consumers

Ant Phillips, Newsweek, Sept. 2, 2022

Data is… the connection between consumers and businesses in the online world and is, therefore, an essential part of how that interaction works.

Identifying Consumers Is Key to Success in an Online World

Ant Phillips, Newsweek, Aug. 4 , 2022

If businesses identify their customers and interpret signals, they can then understand what is relevant to the customer. Businesses must be able to do five things with their technology to achieve this.

IoT's Role in Transforming Healthcare

Bill Bruno, CXMagazine, Aug 22. 2022

Personalizing the patient experience is now a possibility by integrating IoT (Internet of Things), and data from those devices. It can provide both patients and their doctors with a better picture of their health.

How to Overcome the Struggle of Identifying Customers Online

Bill Bruno, Forbes, Aug. 15, 2022

We hear so much about the importance of customer experiences, but very few of those conversations include the personalization element.

A Culture Issue is Causing a Rift Between Tech and Business

Bill Bruno, Forbes, July 15, 2022

As a result of the lightning-speed digital shift caused by the pandemic, it’s now more important than ever that both sides determine how to repair that relationship to do business effectively.

Customer Journey: Speed to Insight is the Critical Metric

Ant Phillips, RT Insights, April 21, 2022

Consumers live moment to moment, and organizations must meet them every step of the way using insights to improve the customer journey.

Why You Should Replace “Free” Solutions With a True CDP for First-Party Data

Tony Brown, Spiceworks, March 31, 2022

Not all Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) can intelligently manage first-party data, and the true cost of “free” solutions adds up over time… why businesses need a true CDP and not free solutions.

Financial services, behavioral biometrics, and the scam technology arms race

Serpil Hall, Biometric Update, Feb. 23, 2022

Behavioral biometrics are finally giving financial institutions an advantage…

84% of finserv firms experienced account takeovers last year: Abderdeen Group

Serpil Hall, Retail Banker International, Oct. 29, 2021

The cost of account takeover is steep when organisations aren’t properly protected…84% of financial institutions experienced account takeovers in the past year.

How Behavioral Biometrics Can Prevent Online Financial Fraud

Serpil Hall, Payments Journal, Oct, 19, 2021

eCommerce, mobile banking, and mobile usage have surged. Cybercriminals and fraudsters have seized the moment, taking advantage of this vulnerable time for individuals and businesses by accelerating their fraud activity.

Enabling Citizen Data Scientists to Reach Their Full Potential

Ant Phillips, Informationweek, Oct. 18, 2021

With data scientists topping the charts as one of the most in-demand roles globally, many organizations are turning to non-traditional employees to help find greater value in their information.

Tech Time: Preventing Fraud While Delivering The Best Member Experience

Serpil Hall, Credit Union Management, Sept. 22, 2021

Behavioral biometrics offer a solution to the tricky problem of how best to protect members from scams while avoiding the inconvenience and frustration of false positives.